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Ensuring Your Experience Is A Success!

Every Buyer should have a trustworthy, dependable, informed expert who partners with the buyer, assuring they experience a Successful Purchase!

When it comes to finding your home, working with an expert makes a world of difference.

  • Proper Qualification & Financing is the critical first step. Know your “Buying Power” and best Financing Method before you start shopping. When you have that pre-approval you can TAKE ACTION immediately when you find your perfect home.  Get it RIGHT and you’re on your way!
  • We make certain our buyers have Total Access to the greatest number of homes. We target not only the MLS but Co-brokering Agents, Neighborhood Matches, Private Owners (FSBO’s) and Social Media.
  • The Best Purchase Price is not always the “Lowest Price”. We educate our buyers on the “Market Trend”, provide a “Market Study” on the property, its history and price comparisons.  We uncover the Buyer’s “Competitive” Position and strategically construct the purchase offer by balancing the price with “Fair Market Value.”  So you secure the home with the Best Purchase Price.  Never over-paying, or losing the home by under-paying.

When you hire the Lyons’ Team you can expect Results!

Protecting the buyer’s best interest and securing their home is the most important thing we do.  It is where the sale begins or ends.

Pre-negotiation is the key.  It is where we skillfully package the offer for acceptance up front.  Finding the non-negotiables and making sure they are not included thereby alienating the seller right from the beginning. We do this by including all the critical elements that will favorably position the buyer’s offer.

There are a lot of moving parts in a real estate transaction. We will manage the details to create a hassle & worry free transaction.

  • Finding that ‘special spot’ that gives both parties an acceptable compromise, as much of what they want as possible, creating a “Win-Win!”
  • We will be your Project Manager for a Worry Free Purchase. We will be there with you every step. Home inspections, appraisers all the way to the closing.

A buyer should have someone who they trust, have confidence in and will help them make Good Decisions.  Put our team on your team and together we’ll get the job done.


Put our team on your team and together, we’ll get the job done!

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